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Privacy Fences

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Quality privacy fencing is a product that can be used to increase the living area of your home, screen out unsightly surroundings, or add security and privacy to your backyard or patio. Fencing for privacy is usually 5 feet or 6 feet high, and some areas will allow a fence up to 7 feet high.

The standard posts are 4X4's, set a minimum of two feet in concrete. 4X6 posts and 6X6 posts can be used to provide added strength and a more decorative look. The rails are rough 2X4's. We use three rails for five and six foot fences, and two rails for a four foot or lower fence. A seven foot fence is installed with four rails.

Pickets are available in a variety of widths, with 4" and 6" being the most common. The pickets are a #1 Premium grade (or Select, as graded by the West Coast Lumber Bureau standard grading rules). Standard pickets are flat top or have a "dog ear" cut at the top. There are other more decorative cuts available as well. All pickets and rails are installed using galvanized nails, which help reduce streaking from the nails onto the boards.

Privacy Fence Variations

There are many variations to the basic dog ear style privacy or stockade fence. Some more decorative styles add a 2X6 or 2X8 cap along with a 1X4 facial board. The posts can extend above the fence with a decorative cut or to accommodate a post cap or finial. The posts can be revealed in the face of the fence which defines each fence section.