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Vinyl Fences Information

Vinyl Fencing is a durable and attractive, maintenance free alternative to wood fencing.  Vinyl fence comes in many styles, including ornamental, picket, privacy, and rail.  A large variety of durable vinyl fence styles let you accent, protect, or add privacy to your home while beautifying your property and enhancing your property value for years to come.

A good vinyl fence product is manufactured using a PVC formula that contains UV inhibitors that guard against the sun’s harsh rays and additives that make the vinyl rigid, yet flexible enough to resist cracking.  Vinyl fence will not peel or fade, and is available in white, tan, or gray.

Vinyl is an environmentally safe material with no toxins to pollute the air or seep into the ground.  This fencing has a smooth surface and there are no nails, sharp edges, or splinters.

By choosing decorative shapes and styles from a variety of post caps to match or complement the fence’s architectural setting, you can further customize the look of your fence.

Fence posts are set in concrete.  Wall thickness is an important consideration – thicker is better.  Most fence posts at our local home improvement stores will be anywhere from .100 - 1.30 in thickness. A durable fence post, one that will withstand the test of time, needs to be at least .140 thick or higher.

A heavier wall post and rail configuration resists pullout better and fastens components more securely.  Decreased wall thicknesses result in reduced strength and ultimately yield inferior fence systems.  A properly engineered system with a heavier wall thickness and secure rail connections will make a vinyl fence stronger and more durable.

*Please note that we are not installing any vinyl fence products in 2021