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Chain Link and Wire Fences from Monroe Fence

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Chain link is an attractive, versatile fence that will give you years of privacy, protection and value.

Chain link fencing comes in many ranges of quality, color and size. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the wide range of chain link fencing currently available. Monroe Fence can help you choose the right fence for your needs and ensure that you get the most value for your money.

An option to the standard chain link fence is a "California Chain Link" style. This is installed with wood posts and frame. This style provides the open look without the "industrial" feel of the metal frame. The chain link fabric is also available with a vinyl coating in colors of brown, green, black and silver.

Another alternative is a wood frame with welded wire fabric.

-Aren't all chain link fences the same?

No. Chain link is a component fence system, consisting primarily of three basic elements: fabric, framework and fittings. The critical issue is how these components are combined. Chain link is available in a wide range of weights (or gauges). The most common coating is zinc (galvanized). Chain link is also available with vinyl color coatings that enhance landscaping, blending naturally with trees, shrubs, and bushes.

-But don't all chain link fences stand up to residential wear and tear?

Not necessarily. A light system may bend easily due to even the most common household occurrences, such as a person climbing or sitting on it, a heavy wind blowing debris against it, or a dog jumping against it. Inferior coatings may allow the fence to rust prematurely.

-Why would anyone install such light fencing?

Fencing manufacturers produce products for a wide range of uses. Homeowners may buy light fencing because of its lower price, or because they simply don't understand that not all fencing is the same. Lumber yard and home improvement centers generally stock only the less expensive, lighter weight products. Sometimes products intended for use as a light temporary fence end up being permanently installed around someone's home or property.

-What quality assurances should I look for?

The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) has conducted tests and studies to provide information on strength, durability and the cost effectiveness of chain link fencing.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is a non-profit association that establishes standards for all kinds of materials including fencing. Chain link fencing that meets ASTM minimum standard can be 55% stronger and cost only 10% more.

Monroe Fence installs only fencing that meets or exceeds the minimum standards to provide you with a high quality fence that will last a lifetime.