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-Is a permit really required to install a fence?

Yes! All city codes in this area require the issuance of a building permit in order to install a fence. If you are located outside of city limits, the county code generally does not require a permit to build a fence that is six feet high or under.

A building permit gives you legal permission to construct a fence in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. To apply for a permit, a fence contractor must be licensed with each city where he works. We have to renew our licenses annually, and provide current proof of insurance in order to do so.

Permit charges are calculated based on the valuation of your fence project according to the building fees adopted by each city. We itemize the permit charge on your estimate and we take care of all the necessary paperwork and inspections. If you are building your own fence, you still need to get a permit. Your local building department can give you the required applications and code requirements.