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Monroe Fence Company offers a TWO YEAR guarantee against defective material and workmanship. This includes our gates.

The industry standard guarantee is one year, with thirty days for gates.

Why do we offer a two year guarantee? We want to be better than the other fence companies! When the industry standard was six months, excluding gates, we offered one year, including gates. When everyone else went to one year, we went to two years!

We can back up our warranty. We have been in business for thirty years. With that kind of history and reliability, you can be assured that we will honor our guarantee.

We build our fences and gates to last. The quality and craftsmanship we offer gives you satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that you have a beautiful and secure fence. Because our fences are actually installed by the owner of our company, you have additional personal assurance of our commitment to excellence in fencing.

We recently had some customers share with us the information that they had received in estimates from other fence companies. Upon reviewing these other proposals, there were some big differences between us and "the other guys" that they noticed:

-Our proposal gives clear, concise and detailed information.

-Some companies ask for a down payment before work is started (We do this only by agreement for special order material).

-Many of them include a clause for "additional charges" for hand digging, for hard ground, and for difficult* digging.

-Our proposals detail all charges, including taxes and permit fees.

-Our estimates are prepared by us - not a middle man.

-Our website shows many examples of our work and provides helpful information.

*Difficult digging is nearly always encountered in the Boulder County area. Beware of signing a contract with vague charges.

We maintain this web site in order to equip you in making an informed decision about your investment in a fence.
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